Referral Assessment

Getting more high-level clients through referrals and introductions is much more than asking for them. It’s about building a thriving Referral Culture.

5 Characteristics of Your Thriving Referral Culture

  1. You are committed to growing through introductions.
  2. You are highly referable – with new clients over time.
  3. Your clients know how to talk about your value and who you serve the best.
  4. You are appropriately proactive for referrals.
  5. You turn referrals into introductions.

What actions are you taking to build a thriving business base on personal introductions?

It Takes only 2 minutes to assess your current situation.

Rank your level of activity, confidence, or skill with this 1-3 scale:

How Strong is Your Referral Mindset?
1 I am fully committed in attitude and action to growing through introductions.
2 I realize that the life‐time value of my clients is not only the business I can do with them, but who they can introduce me to over time.
3 I’m a connector – I’m giving referrals to clients and others on a regular basis.
Do You Have an Effective and Authentic Value Proposition?
4 I am crystal clear on my value proposition.
5 I can articulate what differentiates me from others in my profession or industry.
6 I can talk about my value proposition with prospects and clients in a clear, confident, and succinct manner.
Are You Super Referable?
7 I have a defined process that brings great value to my prospects, even before they become clients.
8 I use a client‐service model or promise to continually bring value to my clients over time.
9 I am good at building business friendships – relationships that go beyond the core work that brought us together.
Are You Appropriately Proactive?
10 I promote referrals on a regular basis with phrases such as ‘Don’t keep me a secret’ and ‘We’re never too busy to see if we can be a resource for others.’
11 I’m in the habit of checking in with my clients to identify and fix problems and to make sure they see the value in my process, communication, and/or overall relationship.
12 I ask for referrals in a clear and confident manner.
Are You Obtaining Introductions?
13 I don’t settle for a referral. I engage the referral source to produce an introduction to the new prospect.
14 I learn as much as I can about the new prospect from the referral source.
15 I contact the new prospect as quickly as I can and keep the referral source in the loop.
16 I thank the referral source for their referrals with a note and/or small token of thanks.
17 I have a process for keeping track of my referral prospects so no one slips through the cracks.
18 I get my new client to thank the referral source for making the connection to me.
Have You Pulled Back the Curtain?
19 I have told my clients who I serve the best.
20 I have told my clients how to recognize a qualified prospect for my business.
21 I have told my clients how I handle the referrals/introductions they provide.
Are You Leveraging Centers of Influence?
22 I have a plan in place for identifying and meeting quality centers of influence.
23 I make sure my centers of influence know my true value before asking them for introductions.
Are You Maximizing Client Events?
24 I host client events such as educational opportunities and/or social events.
25 When I want clients to bring a guest, I’m clear about this desire.